7 Benefits of LED Lighting

LED lighting is becoming one of the most popular artificial lighting sources in the US for several reasons. Peak energy efficiency and remarkable lifespan are just two of many benefits LED products have to offer. With their technology constantly improving and their affordability increasing, they’re more attainable and desirable than ever. Read on to see how your property can benefit from switching to LED lighting, and remember you can always contact your leading local electrician at Red Royal Electric – Expert Electrician for more information on these superior lighting products!

Energy Efficiency

According to the US Department of Energy, LED lighting sources use approximately 75% less energy and last up to 25 times longer than traditional incandescent lighting. Widespread use of LED lighting for residential and commercial structures can save the US billions in energy costs in the coming years. What LED use means for homeowners is significant money savings over time and dependable lighting products that won’t need frequent replacing.

Longer Lifespan

As stated above, LED lighting products boast a significantly longer service life compared to other light sources. This is because they use drastically fewer watts to function. While you can expect incandescent bulbs to peter out after around a year and CFL’s to give out after ten years, LED products can last up to 25 years! Imagine not having to replace your bulbs for nearly three decades!

Greater Design Possibilities

More than just a lighting source, LEDs come in a diverse array of design options to complement the decor of your home. Recessed lights, under cabinet lighting, floor lamps, pendants, and much more are available as LEDs so that you can achieve the aesthetic you’re looking for without hassle.


The Department of Energy also states that making the switch to LED lighting in the next 20 years can potentially prevent 1,800 metric tons of carbon emissions and reduce light consumption by 50%. LEDs do not contain mercury like fluorescent products or emit near as much C02 as incandescent bulbs, making them one of the most eco-friendly lighting products on the market.

Great For Emergency Lighting

Due to their durability and long lifespan, LED lighting products make excellent sources of light during emergencies. Considering that Clearwater and surrounding cities are listed as high-risk areas for hurricanes, it’s not a bad idea for locals to have emergency LED lights on hand. Your local electrician or lighting expert can help you find LED lights that will work for this purpose and will fit your budget so that you won’t have to spend the next bad storm in the dark.


The CRI, or color rendering index, rating of an artificial light source is a measurement of its ability to reveal the true colors of objects as accurately as natural lighting would. The index is measured on a scale of 0-100, with 100 being the perfect score. Lighting products with high CRI ratings will illuminate colors better and make your home’s interior more vibrant. With LEDs becoming more and more prominent, it’s only natural that they’d boast a favorable CRI rating, too. As LED technology steadily continues to improve, so does the CRI rating of its products.

Low Heat Emission

Unlike CFL or incandescent bulbs that convert most of their energy to heat, LED lights emit very little radiant heat. This means that they won’t overheat and blow out or pose the threat of electrical fires in the home.

Call the lighting experts of Red Royal Electric – Expert Electrician for professional advice and installation of LED lighting products for your Pinellas County property and enjoy the dramatic difference they make!

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