5 signs you need electrical repairs

The electrical system is one of the most complex and vital parts of your Pinellas County home, and it’s inevitable for problems to occur from time to time. While electrical issues can be stressful and highly inconvenient, the good news is that you have a local electrician you can always rely on for top-quality electrical repairs. Red Royal Electric – Expert Electrician is your go-to when you need to replace old, faulty wiring or outlets. We’re there for you when you need an electrical panel replacement or when your home has emergency repair needs. There’s no task too tall for our reliable team of experts. Read on for some common signs that your home may need professional electrical repairs, and if you find that you’re experiencing one or more of these issues, then don’t hesitate to call Red Royal Electric – Expert Electrician today!

Burning Odor

If you smell a burning odor in your home, then it could be that your electrical system is overheating. This puts your home at risk for an electrical fire and needs an electrician’s attention immediately.

Flickering Lights

If you’ve noticed your light fixtures constantly flickering or dimming even though the bulbs are securely in place, then there could be one or several problems within your electrical system that need addressing. Flickering lights indicate poor wiring, faulty switches or outlets, overloaded circuits, or other issues with your electrical components. These are all issues that warrant a visit from a professional electrician to prevent damage or safety hazards.

Unusual Noises

If you hear strange sounds coming from your outlets or electronic devices, then you may have defective components somewhere in your electrical system. Cracking, sizzling, buzzing, or clicking sounds are all signs of a problem that needs professional assistance. It could be loose wiring connections, improperly installed outlets, breaker issues, or other issues that warrant repair work. Call us when you hear persistent noises coming from your electrical components, and let us get to the root of the problem!


It’s normal to see the occasional small spark when you first plug a device into your outlet, but big sparks are a different story. These sparks could be due to poor wiring connections, water damage to the outlet, or frayed wiring. All of these issues can lead to serious damage or even electrical fires if they go ignored. If sparking is a problem in your home, then there’s a good chance you need electrical repair work.

Frequent Breaker Trips

It’s normal for your circuit breaker to trip occasionally. Breakers can trip when there are too many appliances running for your circuit to handle. It’s also common when there is a storm. However, if your breaker trips regularly, then you could be facing a more serious issue within your home’s electrical system. Frequent breaker trips indicate several problems, like compromised wiring, a damaged or worn out breaker, an outdated panel, and more. If your home is experiencing constant breaker flips, then get in touch with us fast!

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