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Surge protection

Red Royal Electric offers superior surge protection services to keep your St. Petersburg home safe from unexpected power surges. While not all surges have devastating effects, major ones can cause electrical fires and other serious property damage. Our team wants to ensure that your home is safe from the potential threat of surges and give you and your family peace of mind about your electrical system.

What Is A Power Surge

A power surge is a sudden, lightning-fast spike in power to your home's electrical current. This phenomenon overloads your home's current with more electricity than it can hold, and can have disastrous consequences if protection measures aren't in place. Major surges can knock out your home's power, fry any plugged-in appliances and electronics, and damage your home's circuitry within a fraction of a second. At the very least, strong surges can create the need for electrical repairs if they do cause damage within your electrical system.

Small surges aren't quite as catastrophic; in fact, if they're small enough, then you may not even notice them. However, that doesn't mean they're harmless. On the contrary, tiny power surges can still degrade your electronics if they occur frequently enough over time. Power surges mainly occur from lightning strikes, trees that fall on power lines, and faulty wiring that can't handle running your home's multiple appliances and devices.

How We Can Help

At Red Royal Electric, we offer surge protection that will fit your home's specific needs. As your top St. Petersburg electrician, we can easily identify where your home's surge protection is falling short and are quick to find an affordable solution for you. Whether you need protection for your entire house or individual devices for particular items, our team has you covered. Our work will eliminate the immediate threat of power surges and help protect your home and all your electronic items. If you need surge protection from a dependable St. Petersburg electrician, then don't hesitate to call the dedicated team of Red Royal Electric. We're to help keep your home safe!

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