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Knob & tube wiring

Red Royal Electric is the knob and tube wiring expert of Tampa and surrounding communities. Knob and tube wiring is an early electrical system common in residential homes built between 1800 and 1930. By today's standards, knob and tube wiring is considered outdated, and it's uncommon in homes built after 1950. Knob and tube wiring differs from modern wiring systems in that it does not have a ground wire to transport excess electricity into the earth when circuits become overloaded. The ground wire is an added safety feature of modern wiring systems that drastically reduces the chance of an electrical fire.

Knob and tube wiring also uses rubber as insulation instead of the plastic insulation of modern systems. This can lead to hot spots on your wiring as rubber corrodes faster over time. Typically, if you purchase a home that still has knob and tube wiring installed, experts recommend replacing it with a modern alternative. Replacing knob and tube with new electrical wiring can make it easier to get your home insured as modern wiring systems are safer and more palatable for insurance providers. Although knob and tube wiring is no longer favored in the industry, that doesn't always mean you have to replace it. If your knob and tube wiring has stayed in good shape, then you might be able to get by with it as long as you prioritize annual electrical inspections and monitor its condition.

As your leading Tampa electrician, Red Royal Electric is equipped and happy to help you replace your knob and tube system for one that is up to date and less likely to have dangerous malfunctions. Call us when you need knob and tube wiring replacement in Tampa and let us make your home's rewiring easy and stress-free!

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We are knowledgeable about knob and tube wiring and know how to remove it and replace it safely. We can easily recommend a new wiring system that will work best for your home and will make it easier for you to secure and maintain your homeowner's insurance. Don't keep an outdated, hazardous wiring system in your home. Let us handle your home's rewiring and rest assured that our work will leave your property better protected from electrical fires and similar threats.

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