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Electrical Wiring In Pinellas County

Red Royal Electric is the electrical wiring expert of Tampa. Our team specializes in several electrical wiring services that your home will likely need at some point. We're the local electrician you can depend on when you need your whole rewired for a renovation, when your outlets need repairs or replacing, or when you need to remove outdated, hazardous wiring systems and replace them with a safer alternative. We take the hassle out of electrical wiring, and we won't rest until your home's wiring is where it needs to be. When you need wiring services for your property, you need Red Royal Electric: the top electrician in Tampa!

220v outlet wiring

220V Outlet Wiring

220V outlets are the strongest ones in your home. They're the ones you use for major appliances like refrigerators, washers, and dryers. Our team specializes in servicing and replacing these outlets when necessary. If your 220V outlet has been giving you trouble, then we can handle its electrical repairs and get it working properly again in no time!

Outlet wiring

Outlet Wiring

When you want to add new electrical outlets to your home or replace damaged ones, our team has you covered. We're experts at outlet wiring and can get the job done quickly with minimal interruption to your day. Your outlets are a major component of your home's electrical system, so it's best to leave their rewiring to a qualified electrician like the ones of Red Royal Electric. Contact us when you need outlet wiring and let us get your outlets into perfect working order.

Receptacle wiring

Receptacle Wiring

Over time, it's normal for your outlet receptacles to sustain wear and tear. They can become cracked, develop loose wiring connections, develop worn down slots, and more. If your outlet receptacles have become worn out or damaged, then Red Royal Electric will replace them and wire your new ones so that there's no safety hazard.

Aluminum wiring

Aluminum Wiring

If your home has aluminum wiring instead of copper, then you face a greater likelihood of electrical fires. During the 60s and 70s, it was common for residential homes to be wired using aluminum as it is a cheaper alternative to copper; however, aluminum wiring has since been proven to overheat and spark house fires more easily. At Red Royal Electric, we can replace your aluminum wiring altogether, or we can make the necessary adjustments to make it safe for your home. We can quickly identify aluminum wiring, and we will always make the replacement process as convenient as possible for you.

House rewiring

House Rewiring

Red Royal Electric offers full home rewiring in case you need to replace old, worn-out wiring that could potentially be a hazard. Our rewiring services come in especially handy if you've got an older home that needs its knob and tube or aluminum wiring removed and replaced with a modern alternative. We also offer wiring for your home renovation project. Contact us about rewiring for your remodel, and we'll order any extra plugs, switches, or other accessories you need to get the job done.

When you need top-notch electrical wiring services in the Tampa area, don't wait to contact Red Royal Electric! We're happy to extend our services to your home!

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