Burning smell from main fuse panel

The Issue
When a tenant smelled burning coming from the Main Fuse Panel in their home, they wasted no time and immediately reached out to us at Red Royal Electric, Monday morning at 7:30 AM seeking urgent assistance.

Our Expert Solution:
⚠️ Immediate Safety Measures, Swift Inspection & Solution:

We prioritized immediate safety measures and advised the tenant to shut off the power until our expert electrician could arrive for a thorough inspection. Our skilled technician promptly arrived on-site, uncovering the source of the issue. The Main Fuses showed signs of overheating and burning, necessitating a replacement.

Old Panel Upgrade & ⚡Power Restored:

The property still had an outdated panel with fuses for the main disconnecting means. Red Royal Electric efficiently replaced the main breaker panel the same day, ensuring a safe electrical setup. Thanks to our team’s quick response and efficient service, the tenant’s power was restored on the same day, leaving the landlord happy and relieved with the outcome!

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed:

At Red Royal Electric, we take electrical emergencies seriously, prioritizing your safety and satisfaction above all else. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for any electrical concerns – our expert team is here to serve you promptly and professionally!

Contact Us Today:

If you’re embarking on a new electrical project, we’re here to make it a success! Reach out to us at (727) 616-0156 for professional service, expert advice, and the reliable solutions you deserve. Welcome to a world of safe and efficient electrical power – welcome home!

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