Generator Installation

Your Home  Power Outage Plan?

Standby Generator

We have received 100’s of calls from home owners looking to  get a home backup power solution in place. Planning ahead  is the best thing you can do and the best advice I can give  you. A few important things to consider is cost, timing,  availability of generators, availability of fuel and availability of  electricians and installation professionals. As many have  experienced, when the demand skyrockets due to a storm  heading our way — “Availability” can change very rapidly.  

In the event of a power outage, what do you want to have  power for? I hear customers tell me: to keep my refrigerator  on, to run a small window unit air conditioner, to power the  ceiling fans and lights, to run my homes AC, and some say  they want to power everything.

Some of the most common questions we get are: 

  1. Should I get a portable or standby generator?
  2. If Portable, should I get a gas or dual fuel generator?
  3. I have Solar – Can I use it in a Power Outage?
  4. How can I connect my portable to my home?

To start with, let’s clear up a few terms: 

Standby Generator: A generator like the one pictured above  that is permanently installed at the home and ready for use in  a Power Outage. Typically these units are installed with an  Automatic Transfer Switch, which in the event of a Power  Outage will signal the Generator to startup and transfer the  home to Generator Power within seconds. These Generators  usually use natural gas or propane.

Portable Generator: Any generator like the one in the photo  to the right that supplies temporary power and is not  permanently connected to the premises wiring.

Portable Generator

Solar: After Irma hit and many were without power for days  we received a lot of calls asking “I have Solar, how can I  power my home with it.” Seems logical. You own your own  power source, which generates power from the Sun —  shouldn’t you be able to power your home if the power goes  out. Unfortunately, the answer is “No”. At least not with a  Solar system only. Thousands of Floridians have gotten Solar  on their homes and standardly Solar relies on power from the  power company in order to work properly. So by design  when the power goes out so does your Solar. 

Time & Recommendations: If you have the lead time for the  installation and can afford it I recommend a home standby  generator. If cost or timing is a factor then a portable  generator will work to give you some power and comfort in  the event of a power outage. Any power in a power outage  will be very much appreciated!  

Dual Fuel: Most portable generators run off of gasoline, but what if there is no gas available or you just don’t want to deal with getting, properly storing, and pouring. You don’t need an Electrician or to do anything to your home  to use a Portable Generator. Just be sure to have enough  and long enough extension cords to reach the things you  want to power.  

I recommend to get your home set up with a Generator  Power Inlet which will allow you to plug your portable  generator into your home and through the Generator Interlock  Switch will distribute back up power to your entire main  breaker panel safely. Then you will be able to use any electric  in your home up to the output of your portable generator.

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