St. Petersburg’s Leader in Electrician Services

Red Royal Electric – Expert Electrician is proud to be the residential electrician of choice for St. Petersburg. For years, we’ve served this community and provided unmatched electrical expertise and a sincere dedication to each client’s satisfaction. We offer a variety of services to meet your electrical system’s every need including electrical repairs, wiring, inspections, panel replacement, lighting, and so much more.

We even offer emergency services in case your home has an electrical malfunction that can’t wait. Each of our team members is licensed and certified to handle all your home’s electrical work, so you can expect optimum results every time. Call Red Royal Electric – Expert Electrician when you need electrical work in St. Petersburg, and see why we’re the leading electrician in the area!

Electrical Repairs From A St. Petersburg Electrician You Can Trust

Your home’s electrical system is such a complex machine that it’s bound to have problems now and then. When those issues arise, you can rely on Red Royal Electric – Expert Electrician for expert electrical repairs. We’ll service any part of your home’s electrical system and take care of common repairs like replacing tattered wiring and old service panels, fixing faulty light fixtures, standard 2/3 prong outlets, doorbell systems, basic AC power, and more.

We also handle washer and dryer lines, as well as other appliance lines. In other words, there’s no electrical repair job Red Royal Electric – Expert Electrician can’t handle! If your St. Petersburg home needs electrical repairs of any kind, then our team is equipped and happy to get the job done for you!

Protect Your Home With Routine Electrical Inspections

Never underestimate the power of routine electrical inspections. These inspections are critical to keeping your home’s electrical system maintained and safe. During an inspection, an electrician will scour your electrical system looking for faulty components, defects, or outdated parts that can compromise your home’s safety and the performance of your electrical system. This is key to preventing electrical fires and other serious threats to your home.

You should schedule an electrical inspection once a year to guarantee that you stay on top of your electrical system’s maintenance. At Red Royal Electric – Expert Electrician, we offer thorough inspection services to keep your home’s electrical components working correctly and your home safe and family safe from the risk of fires. Call us today to get your home’s next inspection scheduled.

Enliven Your Home With Upgraded Lighting

The folks at Red Royal Electric – Expert Electrician are lighting specialists that can help renew the look of your home through various lighting upgrades. We can install new fixtures for your decorative lights, bathroom and kitchen lighting, outdoor and security lighting. We also specialize in installing recessed lighting, which is a great way to illuminate the interior of your home without any obtrusive fixtures taking up space.

Recessed lighting can go in any room in your home and always look neat and sophisticated. If you’re ready to take the plunge and upgrade your home’s lighting, then let Red Royal Electric – Expert Electrician help! Call us and get the finest lighting repair and installation services in St. Petersburg.

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